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It’s insurance that covers your business against claims made due to damage, loss, injury and even death. It can insure you against claims made by employees and the public.
Commercial Property

Commercial Property Insurance provides Puerto Rico businesses with the money to replace or repair not only their building and other structures, but also the contents such as inventory, furniture, electronics, and other objects that may be damaged because of storms, fires, vandalism, or other events included in the policy.

Although many businesses have general liability insurance, there are a large number who don’t realize that this policy does not protect their building or its contents, leaving them open to significant financial damages in the event of a disaster. Available to both property owners and renters.

This type of insurance can help you protect your building, inventory, company equipment, outside signage, fencing and landscaping, furniture and many other things like people’s property in you care, custody or control.

General Liability

No matter how hard you work or how innovative your company strategy, there’s no escaping the fact that one disaster can wipe away all your efforts and your profit. General liability helps you protect yourself against lawsuits and other liabilities so you can focus on running your business, rather than paperwork.


Emilio A. Villaverde Insurance Broker is an independent insurance brokerage firm that shops multiple carriers to find the best insurance for our customers. Not only do we help you get the best possible price, but we make sure that you’re getting the coverage that’s right for your company’s specific needs, whether it’s general liability or any another line such as commercial property.


We can help businesses of all shapes and sizes get the coverage they need to operate safely. We have worked for many industries from construction to restaurants and many more.

Professional Liability

No matter how baseless the claim, defending yourself against alleged mismanagement can be financially devastating to your company and to you personally. With professional liability insurance, you can rest easy knowing your court costs and other financial damages incurred will be taken care of up to your policy’s limits.


Also known as errors and omissions insurance (E&O), this type of coverage protects the policyholder against claims of financial obligation due to alleged errors, omissions, or negligence. Although many companies don’t realize it, this type of protection is not included in a general liability policy.


Some of the professionals in Puerto Rico that can benefit from errors and omission insurance include architects, engineers, accountants, appraisers, brokers, lawyers, doctors and nurses, fitness & health professionals, etc.

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